2021 Mueller Pinot Noir, "Tempi", Russian River Valley


Our “Tempi” Pinot Noir is a tribute to the world of dressage. Our daughter, Emily, spent many hours in the dressage arena as she was growing up. “Tempi” change is the term used for a specific “timed” movement in dressage. Tempi changes are difficult movements, as the horse is required to perform multiple flying changes in a row.

Bob's Notes:

“Tempi” is one of our single clone selections of Pinot Noir. Clones are unique types of Pinot Noir that are genetically distinct and make wines of slightly different characteristics from other clones of Pinot Noir. Most Pinot is made from one or more different clones selected from the dozen or more commonly used clones in California. With Tempi, we focused primarily on the Dijon clone 777, generally referred to as “triple seven”— a clone that thrives in the Russian River area. Although different clones have characteristics different from other pure clones, we have found that the same clone grown in different soil or exposure will give slightly different impressions.

We utilize the 777 clone from a vineyard, directly adjacent to the Russian River, to produce this enjoyable Mueller “Tempi” Pinot Noir. Fresh fruit aromas such as raspberry, cherry and blueberry, along with floral hints, are immediately apparent when you pour the wine. You may wish to enjoy the aromatic fruit bowl arising from the glass for a minute before tasting. Luscious fruit, medium body with wonderful acid balance and lingering flavors greet your palate inviting another sip. This wine is enjoyable now but has the structure to last another 5 or more years.