2021 Mueller Chardonnay, "LB", Russian River Valley

2021 Mueller "LB" Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

Bob's Notes:

The 2021 "LB" Chardonnay utilizes the Wente clone of chardonnay fruit, from the heart of the Russian River Valley. The vineyard is directly adjacent to the river, thus being impacted by cooling fog with resulting shorter days in unobscured daylight. Grapes are harvested in the cool of early morning (5 am or earlier) while temperatures are still below 50º F. Grape clusters are directly pressed whole, the juice settled for 48 hours, then transferred into French oak barrels for fermentation. Only a small percentage of wine is fermented in new barrels; about 15% for this vintage, the balance being over 4 years in age and fairly neutral in oak character.

Sparkling straw yellow in color, this wine has rich tropical notes including pineapple, apple, and honeydew melon. Full in body and generous in flavor, this wine glides softly with beautifully balanced natural acidity. Pineapple, pear and apple flavors dance harmoniously on the palate in this enormously enjoyable wine. The finish is long and rich with the slightest touch of oak.