2019 Mueller Syrah, "Block Eleven", Russian River Valley

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Our "Block Eleven" Syrah is produced from a single vineyard block in the Ledbetter Vineyard near the Russian River. The vineyard is located on a site roughly two miles from the Russian River—the “middle reach” of the appellation. This vineyard experiences the cooling fog that travels up the rivers banks and most years struggles to ripen. Fruit is harvested in the cool morning hours and transported to the winery (minutes away) for sorting and destemming into our small fermenting tanks. A portion of juice is fermented using pure strain yeast while the balance ferments spontaneously with wild (indigenous) yeast. During fermentation, we punch down the cap by hand several times each day to gently extract the grapes flavors and aromas. The wine is aged in French oak barrels, of which about 30% is new. 

Bob's Notes:

Our Syrah is made from the French clone 877 or clone 7, as it is known in the USA. The vineyard is close to the Russian river but at an altitude where summer fog has a chance to burn off and expose the vines to direct sunlight.  Syrah loves the sun so we take the extra time removing leaves from the vine that might block clusters from the sunlight so fruit can fully ripen. 

The 2019 "Block Eleven" Syrah has a dark, rich red color. Aromas of raspberry, anise and espresso bean meld with sweet, toasted oak. The wine is rich and full, with robust tannins with a touch of pepper that provide a broad display of flavors. The wine finishes with balanced acidity and a lingering hint of oak and vanilla.  This wine will pair well with hearty dishes such as beef ribs, pork chops or cheeseburgers!