2017 Mueller "Primitivo", RRV


Bob's Notes:

Sometimes you just want to try something different. It was 2017 and I had heard about a small vineyard in the Russian River Valley planted to Primitivo, a close relative to Zinfandel. In fact, Primitivo and Zinfandel are like the offspring of a Croatian variety called Crljenak, closely related and almost identical genetically, yet still distinct from each other. Interestingly, in Italy, but not in America, Primitivo can be called Zinfandel! The wines produced from Primitivo and Zinfandel are similar, yet distinct in their own way.  We had the opportunity to purchase fruit from this excellent vineyard for one year only; so we did!

The 2017 Mueller Primitivo was fermented in an open-top stainless fermenter and drained to French oak barrels and aged for about 20 months prior to bottling to soften the big wine. After bottle aging for almost a year, the wine now shows a distinct and intriguingly different character from Zinfandel; earthy, raspberry, leather, blueberry, rich in tannins, with a refreshing acidity and a long finish.  Set a glass of this next to your next barbecue ribs, pizza, or hamburger and you’re in for a treat. Let us know what you think about this wine.