2014 Mueller Zinfandel Dessert Wine, "Après" (375ml)


Available only through our Mueller tasting room or online store.

Production: 120 bottles (375ml)

Fermentation: Fermented and aged "sur lies" in stainless steel.

Crafted in the tradition of legendary Port wines of Portugal, actively fermenting juice from our "Old Vine" Zinfandel was fortified with varietal wine grape spirits to halt the fermentation. A lusciously sweet dessert wine, capturing the fruity essence of rare old vine Zinfandel, was created. Aging Après on yeast lees for 18 months followed by extended bottle aging added immensely to the richness and complexity of the wine. Each 375ml bottle was filled, corked, foiled, labeled, and tissue-wrapped by hand, all of which contribute to the intrigue of this unique release.


Deep ruby red color with enticing aromas of plum, caramel and anise. Full bodied, rich and soft with a lingering finish, it is the perfect accompaniment to aged cheese, chocolate, nuts and fruit. As the name suggests, enjoy Après after lunch, after dinner, or after any special occasion. Après has been aged to perfection, so it is ready for you to enjoy now!